What is powder coating?

 20 May 2020   07:58
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What is powder coating?

Paints and coatings used in the coating world are divided into two categories: liquid paint and powder coating. We should answer the question of “what is powder coating?” by looking at the different aspects.

  • Method of production of powder coating
  • Method of application of powder coating
  • Final properties and effects of powder coating
  • Comparing powder coating with liquid paint

What is powder coating- method of production

Powder coating consists of resins, curing agent, fillers, pigments, and specially produced additives as well as other raw material in the form of powder. These materials are mixed in molten form and again turned into powder. Among the most important differences between powder coating and liquid paint are the initial state of raw material, the presence of paint thinner and the method of blending.

What is powder coating- method of application

Powder coating is in powder form during application. Application equipment and spray guns charge the powder coating particles and spray it onto the charged metal surface. The temperature of the coating surface is brought above 180 degrees to melt and prepare the final layer. On the other hand, liquid paint is applied with paint brush, paint roller, air gun spraying, airless spraying or immersion and most liquid paints also dry up in room temperature.

What is powder coating- final properties and effects

Powder coating possesses suitable physical and mechanical properties and gives the possibility of applying thick layers without the problem of dripping. In terms of appearance and physical properties, powder coating comes in various finishes such as leather effect, hammer tone, sand texture, crocodile skin, metallic and other effects.

What is powder coating- comparing powder coating with liquid paint

Another type of response to the question of “what is powder coating?” is by comparing its quality with liquid paint. This is further explained in the section “The advantages and disadvantages of powder coating”.

Prepared by: Mojtaba Zeinal