Peka Chemie FBE Seminar 2019

 13 March 2019   13:53
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Peka Chemie FBE (Fusion-Bonded Epoxy) Seminar in January 16th, 2019

On January 16th 2019, Peka Chemie R&D department found the opportunity to hold a seminar in Palace Hall, Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran to give a report to the industries in this field of the efforts to localize the production technology of FBE powder coatings.


In this seminar, the audience were all experts in the field of FBE powder coatings and informed about the latest achievements regarding the surface pretreatment procedures that were explicated in the seminar.

Peka Chemie FBE Seminar 2019     Peka Chemie FBE Seminar 2019